MagnaTrackTM Screens: World's-Best Retractable Motorized Patio Screens

Discover the unmatched luxury and functionality of MagnaTrackTM Screens, the ultimate solution for your outdoor and patio spaces. Our retractable, motorized screens are designed with patented self-tensioning magnets, offering the best quality in the market for privacy, hurricane and storm protection, insect defense, and weather shielding against heat and cold. Perfectly suited for patios, garages, windows, lanais, and gazebos, MagnaTrackTM Screens deliver unparalleled performance and durability, ensuring your outdoor areas remain comfortable and protected year-round.

Add Value to Your Home With MagnaTrackTM Screens

Our screens are recognized as the best in the industry, with patented one-of-a-kind technology that reduces service calls and quality engineering that limits the need for repairs or replacement. MagnaTrackTM Screens outlast the competition, protect your home or commercial property, and help you save money with improved energy efficiency. With a product this good, the investment almost pays for itself.

Our Retractable Screens Optimize Your Outdoor Space

Want to enjoy cookouts or al-fresco dining in luxurious comfort?

Eager to enjoy your pool or hot tub with complete privacy?

Defender Hurricane Patio Screens

Our Defender MagnaTrack™ Storm System offers unparalleled impact absorption in CAT-5 winds.

Tired of the sun hitting your eyes during your early-morning yoga on your patio?

MagnaTrackTM Screens Offer Year-Round Protection

Insect Screens

Solar Screens

Vinyl Screens

Wind Screens

Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial applications, our MagnaTrackTM screen systems are customizable to fit your needs.
Year-Round Protection
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More Than a Screen

When you choose MagnaTrackTM, you get more than a screen. You get a self-correcting system that can be customized to any space, from residential pool decks to restaurant patios.

Our motorized screen systems can cover windows, carport openings, gazebo panels, and almost any other exterior structure.

How Our Patio Screens Works

This patented design uses rare-earth neodymium to create a free-floating magnet track.

No zippers! As the screen goes up or down, it self-corrects to prevent hang-ups and re-wraps. This Keder technology is one-of-a-kind!

Control the MagnaTrack system with apps, smart speakers, or smart-building automation.

Ways to Use MagnaTrackTM Exterior Screens

magnatrack retractable patio screens

Ensure privacy for a pool or hot tub deck.

Enhance comfort and reduce glare in outdoor dining areas.

Shield outdoor kitchens, dining areas, and gyms from insects and other pests.

Protect a patio or garden from hurricane-force winds.

Boost energy efficiency along with privacy.

Whether you’re upgrading a patio, building an outdoor kitchen, or installing a pool, MagnaTrack™ is a classy and efficient privacy barrier. With the energy-savings it provides, and the luxury it adds to the home, the screen system offers a valuable ROI.

  • Built to last with a lifetime warranty*
  • 98% fewer service calls due to patented self-tensioning design, saving time and money
  • Protection against blinding sun, strong winds, pesky insects, and nosy neighbors
  • Insulation and UV defense for better energy efficiency
  • Temperature control for outdoor spaces with our vinyl options

*Limitations apply.

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